Clearing Acne Naturally for Sustained Results

We live in a society where dermatologists don't hesitate to prescribe antibiotics, birth control pills, or Isotretenoin (Accutane) to treat acne. Acne may clear up quicken with a pharmaceutical approach, however the biomedical method does not address the underlying causes. Antibiotics disrupts the microbiome of the gut, and henceforth the skin, so that once they complete their course of antibiotics, they will find their acne returning. This extends to birth control pills and Accutane. How, then, does one clear acne and clears it for good?

One very important aspect to healing acne and reducing its associated redness and inflammation is to eat an anti inflammatory detox diet for a minimum of two weeks.

General diet of unprocessed, whole foods, with healthy organic, unrefined fats & lots of water in between meals. Include herbal infusion teas with no "natural or artificial flavors." 

No sugar, dairy, corn, alcohol, soy or gluten (or ideally no grains).

No processed foods, flour, coffee, tea, chocolate/cacao or other stimulants.

If you eat grains or nuts, soak them overnight before cooking/eating to increase digestibility.

Eat mostly cooked vegetables and a little bit of simply cooked meat. Focus on eating oily fish for your protein source and twice as much vegetables as you do fruit.

Healing our skin and bodies is a holistic process. Eating a clean diet in addition to taking your medicinal herbs will quicken the time it takes to clear up your skin.

Take daily three doses of acne clearing tincture:

CLEAR Potion 6 contains forsythia, lovage and gardenia fruit to calm breakouts.

and licorice and astragalus to support skin healing.