"I’ve recently started taking Anna’s new line of tinctures...I’m literally blown away. The benefits to my skin are amazing! It has given me the power to take control of my acne rather than it always having control over me."  -Erin H.

"After one month using the Clear Potion, my cystic acne completely cleared up and I noticed an overall improvement in my complexion."  -Jackie E.

"Dr. Gold's Dispel Tincture is a miracle tonic! It's perfect nutritional support to help clear dermatitis flare ups almost instantly."  -Marisa F.


BALANCE. Potion 11

"I travel a lot for business and my lifestyle is frantic. I feel like these herbs really keep me grounded and sane when everything is chaotic. I am amazed at how well it works. I take three doses a day, four droppers each time."
-Anastasia R.

"I love this product. Balance has really helped my response to stress, especially when I am PMS-ing and everything is overwhelming. I combine this with her Clear Potion and it also helps with my hormonal breakouts that time of the month. Great products."  -Ana T.

"This tincture helps me so much. I take it when I am stressed at work. I take it when I’m about to get my ladies holiday. I take it when I go visit my parents. I take it when ever I feel like I’m gonna lose my sh*t. And then I take this and I feel better. Thank you for creating this product and helping me from losing my mind."  -B.T.


CLEAR. Potion 6

"I can’t believe something made from herbs can work so well. I was sick of being on the cycle antibiotics and birth control pills just to clear my breakouts. I found Dr. Gold and her formulas through my OBGYN and I am so grateful for her work."  -Sarah Dudhela

"I’ve had cystic acne my whole life. With Anna’s help, she has cleared my acne. I started by taking this three times a day for two months and now I only take it when I get stressed (I take the Balance Potion too) and break out. Without Anna’s help I would be lost."  -Holly Beineman

"I love how easy it is to take these tinctures. I usually get herbs from my acupuncturist. When I heard about this, I thought I'd give it a try. It's concentrated so you have to add hot water to the drops. The taste is not bad compared to other herbs I've had. Most importantly it helped with my breakouts on my chin during the week before my period."
-Alice L.


DISPEL. Potion 3

"I’ve been suffering from dermatitis/ eczema for years. I have tried everything topical and nothing helps. I took this for regularly for months until my life long eczema started to be less severe. Now I only take it when I have a flare up. If I have an itchy patch start to come up because I’m stressed or not sleeping enough. I just start taking this tincture three times a day and usually after a week my eczema goes away. I’ll never not have this in it medicine cabinet. I highly recommend it."  -Holly Robertson

"DISPEL works wonders for my psoriasis. After three days of taking it my psoriasis looks 50% better. Less red and angry. If I already told five of my friends about this. I can’t believe how well this works."  -Nora K.

"I am lifelong sufferer of eczema. After my last baby my eczema got really bad and the cortisone that my dermatologist gave me did nothing to help. I turned to alternative medicine after my facialist told me to try this tincture and boy did it turn my skepticism around. After two days of taking the full dose my red flaring ezcema patches got 59 percent better. Less red. Less itch. I am now a believer. This tincture changed my life."  -Nicole S.


ELEVATE. Potion 8

"I am a teacher with two small kids. Between my work, my kids and never sleeping enough I am tired all the time. I take Elevate when I’m run down and need a little energy boost. This give me the real energy, not the jittery kind from coffee, the kind where I don’t crash."  -Katie B.

"I am in my 70s and my friend recommended me to see Dr. Gold for acupuncture and herbs. Anna prescribed Elevate tincture because I was feeling tired and worn out. Not only does this help my energy but it helps my concentration and memory recall/focus. Thank you."  -H. Pilcrest

 "As Anna's acupuncture patient, I've come to love and depend on her herb potions. They have helped me recover from childbirth, stomach distress, headaches, general depletion, stress - really everything. They are so good that I've even grown to like the taste. With the release of her new tinctures, I'm so happy that people all over will have access to her amazing talents as an herbalist!"  -Ellen S.