When taking vitamins and botanicals, the quality and integrity of supplements are essential to ensure bioavailability. Not all brands are equal. The following is a list of electronic dispensaries that offer professional grade supplements which are stocked in my clinics. If you need guidance on which supplements to take, please schedule a telemedicine or in office appointment for recommendations. 

  1. full script
    FullScript is a local distribution center that offers a wide variety of supplements and health care products from professional-grade producers. Here again you can order directly through the store for direct ship to your home. When visiting this site, you will be asked for your email address to access the store.

  2. metagenics
    Metagenics nutraceuticals and medical foods are recognized around the world for setting the standard of high quality and purity. With sophisticated research and manufacturing facilities and one of the largest scientific staffs in the industry, Metagenics continues to search for new ingredients and unprecedented formulas that offer even greater potential for natural health care.
  3. ehealth
    Designs for Health – Guided by the philosophy, “Science First”, Designs for Health offers superior quality products with proven efficacy. You will find vitamins, protein powder and bars and other nutritional support to enhance your wellness.