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Anna Hsieh Gold. A master of healing and incredible down to earth human being. She’s got the gift but it’s never a big deal to her. Totally great human being who has an amazing ability to heal on many levels. I credit her with changing my heart rhythm, bringing down my high blood pressure and much much more. She really is all this and more. But I’m willing to share so go see for yourself. She is the one.

Anna has extraordinary intuition, focus, integrity, and is always connected and committed to obtaining optimum results. I experienced significant improvement following acupuncture treatments with her and I always felt secure that I was receiving the best of care. Anna is an exceptional doctor and person and I would recommend her to anyone I care about.
Lisa K.

Anna helped me through a prolonged illness..all the way through to regaining my health at long last. Anna is a talented, compassionate, sage beyond her years, acupuncture professional. She has mastered the field of acupuncture has a sense of intuition as to how to proceed…Anna is also an ashtanga practitioner and teacher and perhaps it is this that is at the root of her spirituality and emotional maturity…
-Marlisa H.

Anna Hsieh Gold – she was a master when I first met her, and she continues to be. She is just an incredibly gifted acupuncturist. She approaches her work on pragmatic and spiritual levels and the results are without exaggeration, miraculous.
-Christine S.



For Anna, words cannot adequately express how wonderful she is. I was an acupuncture virgin before I met her and now I’m hooked. I tell everyone I know about Anna. I’ve been seeing Anna since December 2009 and she has helped me tremendously with digestion issues, neck & shoulder pain, and lower back pain. She’s patient, kind, caring, knowledgeable, and effective. I highly recommend her. Can you tell?
-Maria A.

My acupuncture experience with Anna was truly five star. I was having severe pain from a past knee injury and she most definitely helped me. I’ve been dealing with a knee injury for some time and while visiting my son in San Francisco all the walking (especially downhill) really started aggravating it. All I could think of was to find an acupuncturist and lucky for me, Anna was the first one to answer my call. She made time on her schedule for the next three days and worked wonders for my pain. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I wouldn’t have found her. Next time I am out visiting, I am already planning to see her….hopefully not for that kind of pain again,,,,,,,and definitely to say “hi”! I hope to see her again during my next visit to San Francisco.
-Sherry M.

I saw Anna for my very first acupuncture experience. I had strained my neck/shoulder area from nursing and could not rest it because no position seemed to help. I did not know what to expect but was inspired to go when Anna said I would feel significantly better after just one visit, in fact the pain would be almost all gone. It was incredible and I became a huge acupuncture advocate bc of my experience. Anna is very attentive to detail, has a light but very confident touch, and is totally responsive to any discomfort/pain. I was very impressed and felt completely healed after just one visit. I would give Anna the highest recommendation – you will feel so much better!! An amazing acupuncturist and healer.
Adam S.

I went to see Anna because I had a bad muscle cramp in my neck and was unable to move my head to the right or back for days. I had never had acupuncture before and was scared about the needles. Anna took things slowly and explained everything. She was patient with my fear of needles and despite me fears, it was a calming and relaxing experience. At the end of the appointment, the mobility in my neck was 90% restored and the next morning it was healed. Anna is a great listener, a talented acupuncturist, and a patient healer. I would recommend her to anyone in pain looking for acupuncture treatment that is calming and healing.
-Alisa S.

Anna Hsieh Gold is the best. She’s young and hip (and very hot, if that appeals) but also very experienced and professional–a nice mix. She has healed me of the following ailments: ankle sprain, back injury, shoulder soreness, pms, and I’m sure a ton of others I can’t remember. Well, okay, she didn’t unsprain my ankle, but she helped strengthen it a lot, and she pretty much destroyed the shoulder soreness, which is a miracle as far as I’m concerned. Plus I had this weird bout of depression last summer and got completely exhausted for no reason, and she cured that, too. I would recommend her to anyone who’s a little nervous but curious about acupuncture, as well as regular devotees who just need a great healer.
-Karin S.

I have been a very happy patient of Anna Hsieh Gold. She has a calming presence and can explain procedures as she works. I had to get acupuncture treatments for my back and foot and she gave me different options of treatment and explained the pros and cons of each which I appreciated, as opposed to just dictating how I would be treated. Health care is a team effort between yourself and your health-care provider and it feels good to have a professional treat you as more than a task to be checked off a list.
-Rich W.

I’ve been seeing her for my torticollis now for 2 months. I’ve seen much improvement and, for the first time on over a decade, my shoulders have evened out and are no longer crooked!
-Morgan A.

Anna has a tremendous gift for healing both the physical and spiritual body. She helped me make large strides in reducing my chronic back pain as well as some other things we shouldn’t discuss in polite company. From traditional needling to herbs to my favorite cupping, I always leave her sessions feeling better!
-Jennifer M.



I was referred to Anna when we found out that I had some fertility hurdles to overcome in order to get pregnant. She was a breath of fresh air from the moment I met her. Anna has such a comforting way about her, not to mention that she’s super funky and hip… made me feel right at home. Of course you can never be certain, but I am convinced her work with me helped us get pregnant much quicker than the doctors had told us it would take. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and she helped with all of the common pregnancy related ailments, plus provided me a solid nap each time I was on her table. More importantly she was such a fabulous support and coach – almost like my therapist! I highly recommend Anna!
-KT B.

I have seen Anna many times over the last few years, and am finally writing a review! She is an amazing healer. She mainly helped me with fertility treatment and pregnancy support, but along the way she also addressed neck and upper back soreness, cramps, wrist pain, as well as overall health. Anna is very knowledgeable, and adept at explaining treatment procedures. Her soothing demeanor relieves anxiety – you know you are in good hands. Thanks so much, Anna!
-Charlene S.



I was 36 weeks with a breech baby when I can to see Anna for moxibustion treatment. I tried the treatment for about 5 days. That along with prenatal swim help turn my baby before I had my appt to have the doctor turn the baby. Anna made me feel very comfortable and explained the procedure every step of the way.
-Elaine L.

I wholeheartedly recommend the acupuncturist, Anna Hsieh Gold! Thanks to her knowledge of acupuncture, as well as her warm and calm presence, I was able to have a non-medicated delivery.

I first went to see Anna a week before my due date as acupuncture had been recommended by my doula as a way to get my body ready for birth. It was my first time getting an acupuncture treatment and Anna made sure I was very comfortable (which was no easy task as I was so huge!) During the treatment she explained very clearly what she was doing and why, and again went out of her way to make sure I was in a comfortable position. Immediately after the treatment, I felt very relaxed and calm, and that following night I slept super well and woke up with a lot more of energy than the previous days, which at 39 week pregnant felt really, really good.

A week and a half later my labor started. After more than 24 hours of contractions and slow progress, I started to get discouraged and wondered if I would ever give birth! Anna came to my house, this time for a treatment that would help my labor to speed up a bit. Two hours later I was on my way to the hospital with intense contractions and finally felt things were progressing. My healthy baby girl was born 6 hours after seeing Anna. I am completely convinced by the effectiveness of acupuncture (hmmm, yes, I had some doubts before I tried it) and now recommend it to everyone as a way to cure whatever ailment they might have!
-Cecile K.

My wife is currently pregnant with our 2nd child (32 weeks and counting) and the baby was breech – feet down (actually butt down, but was feet down for a while). Our doctor told us that he would monitor the situation, but if the baby didn’t turn by 36 weeks, he recommended that my wife go into the hospital for the baby to be turned manually, which is pretty uncomfortable from what he described. He also warned that if that didn’t work, he couldn’t do it again and at that point we would have to have a Cesarean. Both options didn’t sound appealing so we came to Anna Hsieh Gold, and she recommended Moxibustion – applying heat to the little toes by using a kind of pressed-coal herbal stick – for a specific time for 10 days.
I was skeptical, because we tried every other alternative we could find on the internet and by word of mouth with no success, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try this. Amazingly, after 5 days of the Moxibustion treatment, the baby has now righted herself and is head down in the launch position.

This has not only helped to put the baby in the correct position, but it has relieved a lot of stress and anxiety over how the delivery would play out. Thanks Anna!
-Taf. R

Anna is the best acupuncturist EVER. Even if you are not sure about the whole needle thing, you must give her a try. Her knowledge of Chinese Herbs are amazing, too. She really helped me recover nicely postpartum.
-Akemi B.



Anna is a wonderful and very accomplished practitioner of acupuncture (and her technique means you hardly feel the needles!). I first began seeing Anna after a series of stressful events in my life left my adrenals fried. Anna restored my energy and balanced my emotions in about 12 sessions…I felt so much better that I actually began to crave the tonics and bitter herbs she prescribed. If you’ve never been cupped (don’t mind that bit of fire), you have no idea what you’re missing! Anna also does this very cool thing where she uses a needle to coax tight shoulder muscles into complete surrender…absolute bliss! Take advantage of your good fortune to have such a healer in San Francisco!
-Ginny B

The acupuncturist Anna Hsieh Gold is amazing! I always feel like a million bucks after seeing her, it’s like hitting the reset button on my entire nervous system. Plus she’s very sweet and caring, and really takes care of you. Highly recommended!
-Aaron B.

I’ve relied on acupuncture to deal with a variety of issues for many years and Anna is one of the best practitioners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her treatments are effective yet relaxing which, to me, is the perfect combination. I highly recommend Anna!
-Hannah S.

I can’t praise her enough! Anna is an amazing acupuncturist, communicates well and truly cares about her patients. She totally connects with you on a personal and professional level. Anna is a wonderful person whose calming and friendly presence makes you feel comfortable and she is especially super hip. I always love the shoes she wears.

After my first acupuncture treatment, Anna was very detailed and asked thorough questions about my lifestyle, stress, health, conditions, etc. She took the time to create the full picture of my health in order to move forward with treatment. She explained the needles, the meridians, my Qi, and more. She was very patient in answering my questions about treatment procedures. In addition to acupuncture, she also prescribed traditional Chinese herbs in powder form to supplement my treatment which is totally a time-saver to me!

I am grateful that she understood that I couldn’t give up coffee so she tried to come up with different alternatives. After seeing Anna for almost 6 months, I can feel that my health has greatly improved and I look forward to continuing to see her.

Anna, thank you so much for being supportive and patient!
-Cora C.

I was blessed to have been treated by Anna when I was troubled by insomnia. Under her guidance and care, I grew stronger and I left each session of acupuncture with a sense of immense peace. Anna exercises mastery in her acupuncture sessions.
-Adelaida M.



As a lifelong asthmatic, I’m pretty skeptical about medicines, cures, vitamins, and other fixes. But when my GP told me I’d need to take a steroidal control medication every day for the rest of my life, I started to look for other options.

A friend had recommended Anna almost a year before, saying that acupuncture could improve my asthma, and I’d filed the recommendation under “maybe someday”.
Motivated by the steroid recommendation, I started going to see Anna in early 2012. As someone who used an albuterol inhaler multiple times a day, I figured any improvement would be good.

After four weekly treatments, I went three days without using my inhaler. After another month, I went two weeks without using it. Now, almost a year later, I routinely go a week or more at a time without needing the inhaler, with attacks usually brought on only by stress, work travel, or serious athletic activity. For someone who’s been asthmatic since birth, simply waking up in the morning without difficulty breathing is amazing. Anna has, without exaggeration, changed my life.

That’s about the best recommendation I can give.
-Wil T.

I was feeling run down and a little stuffy. I thought I could be coming down with a cold, or even worse, the flu! I made an appointment to see Anna as soon as I felt the symptoms coming on. She is so skilled at what she does that my symptoms were completely gone the next day and I felt energized! Needless to say I didn’t get sick! And guess what, my husband did and he’s been in bed for the last three days. I’m grateful to Anna and my health!