Marie Veronique

Body Barrier Emulsion


Moisture reimagined. Barrier layer body support to BOOST CERAMIDES, PROTECT WITH PROBIOTICS + PROVIDE EXCEPTIONAL HYDRATION for total skin health with age-delay benefits.

An oil/cream hybrid that delivers breathable hydration and lasting protection for the skin on your body. Restoring for all skin types, this lightweight, milky texture offers supreme hydration and daily nourishment to resolve dryness.

When healthy skin becomes dry, depleted, or imbalanced, it can lead to vulnerabilities. By improving + supporting barrier function you will enhance the skin’s innate ability to balance and moisturize.

This strategic formulation utilizes novel surfactants, emollients, and probiotics to boost moisture levels and promote optimal ceramide production. Every single ingredient contributes to comprehensive support for a smarter approach to whole-body care. With this one layer, you can feel assured you’re applying the right amount of attention to the entire skin system.