Dr. Anna Gold

DEFEND. Support Immunity.


Ensure your well being with DEFEND, a proprietary blend of herbs that support optimal immune health. The combination of Astragalus, Atractylodes, and Siler, called "Jade Windscreen Formula" in the traditional Chinese medicine materia medica has been the go-to remedy for protection against respiratory sickness since the 14th century.

Dr. Anna Gold's proprietary immune support tincture also contains Burdock fruit, Licorice, and Balloon-flower root to support healthy lung function, and Schizonepeta, Forsythia and Lonicera to relieve early stage discomfort in the throat and sinus.


Astragalus root*, Atractylodes rhizome*, Siler root, Japanese honeysuckle flower, Forsythia fruit, Balloon-flower root, Burdock fruit, Chinese mint aerial parts, Licorice root*, Fermented soybean**, Lophatherum stem and leaves, Schizonepeta stem. (*organic) (**contains soy)

To learn more about the actions and science behind each of these ingredients, please visit Our Ingredients page.

Other ingredients: Distilled water, Cane alcohol

2 FL OZ / 59 ML

Suggested use: Drink 2mL (-3 droppers) in 1/4 cup warm water once a day to support immunity.  Increase to 2mL three times a day to relieve mild respiratory discomfort. 

Please note: this formula is intended to be taken daily to support the immune system. If you have symptoms consistent with the flu or viral infection, please consult your doctor.

Do not consume if you are allergic to the ingredients listed. Consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant, nursing or on any medication.