Marie Veronique

Face To Chest Hydration Mask


Calming, cooling and deeply hydrating gel w/ ANTIOXIDANTS, EXTRACTS ++ VITAMIN C to enhance collagen production.

A replenishing gel mask to address redness, discoloration + flushing caused by heat in the skin. Gentle and restoring for all skin types, it can be used multiple times a week.

Heat in the skin can be caused by temperature change, sun, exercise, sauna, as well as facial treatments, hormonal changes or associated with specific skin conditions. It leads to dehydrated skin, irritation, dilated capillaries, accelerated aging, and flared symptoms.

This indulgent treatment is instantly soothing for the face, neck and décolletage. Intended to be used immediately following peak stimulation, to enhance the body’s natural cooling down phase. Vitamin C derivatives and Nymphaea alba flower extract deliver antioxidants, to support the skin's innate recovery. Formulated with a unique texture that complements the experience of at-home facial massage, tools and devices.

Professional tip: Refrigerate to enhance the restorative benefits of the product.